College Work

During my sophomore and junior years at the University of Wisconsin, I enrolled in the Advanced Production courses, available to students in the Communication Arts program. Here are a few of the projects I worked on.

Cinematography & Sound Recording Projects

In 2013 I took a course called "Cinematography and Sound Recording." We worked in groups of five and over the course of the semester, we worked on five different productions, cycling through the various production roles (Director of Photography, Assistant Camera, Boom Op/Video Editor, Sound Mixer, and Gaffer).










Introduction to Media Production

In 2012 I took a course that opened my eyes to the seemingly endless ways stories can be told through video. In this course, we were to create a short documentary-type video. I chose to capture a day at The Majestic Theater in Madison, WI.


I served as Assistant Camera on this shoot.

I was the boom operator on set and responsible for editing the footage.

I was the Director of Photography for this shoot.


(It's actually pretty painful to watch but it serves as a modest reminder of where I came from). I'm cringing at the slow editing in the beginning :0